Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 questions relating to lokavidya

Given below are 10 questions relating to lokavidya that I would like to raise for discussion.


  1. How is lokavidya similar to and different from indigenous knowledge?
  2. Is the logic of lokavidya a network logic? If yes, what does it mean?
  3. Are practices and techniques always part of a 'system' of knowledge?
  4. What is the relation between lokavidya and lokasangathan?
  5. Can lokavidya provide the basis for political strategies to confront the Global Market? Is the idea of local market part of such strategies?
  6. Does lokavidya provide the basis for a radical standpoint on elimination of poverty from the surface of the earth?
  7. What is the relation between knowledge and dignity? Is respect for lokavidya as genuine knowledge necessary for the social dignity of the bahishkrit samaj ?
  8. Will the reassertion of lokavidya in the public realm take ordinary people out of the cultural irrelevance they have suffered from for so long?
  9. Will the reordering of the world of knowledge with a proper place for lokavidya in it pave the way for a new political imagination in which the ordinary people are not powerless as they are in the present scientific democracies?
  10. Why we must see the immediate and long lasting relevance of lokavidya for the movement for control of natural resources by the people?

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